“Stick and stones may break my bones, but rejections won’t hurt me”

Rejection is not a bad thing – what you may see as one of your toughest critics is in reality
just one persons’ opinion. It is up to you on what to do with that one and only opinion

“WooHoo! 123 followers”

Celebrate the small steps as you work towards your ultimate goal, these will most likely be the most memorable part of the story you share in times to come.

Yes, I’m celebrating the first over 100 followers because I started with zero about 3 weeks ago. In this era of Millions of social media users, my50fifty was found and liked by a few, THANK YOU for that!!

Moving forward if you begin to follow PLEASE write your first name in comments, just a small way for me to recognize you. Have Fun & Be Happy!


Humor in language – The power of language can be seen by the most widely used name given to friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. DUDE – Simplicity is it’s power behind the four letters as it evokes numerous emotions and safe’s in often times when recollection of ones name slipped our mind.

Happy Mother’s Day

Feliz Día de las Madres Mami.

“The only way to predict the future is by creating it – have an awesome prediction out of your creations”

Every Fantasy has a Happy ending. If you aren’t happy, don’t worry you just haven’t finished your Chapter.

“Have a Just Do It attitude and leave the over analyzing for the procrastinators”

Life is like a sprint – we spend time preparing for the race, day arrives and BANG! to complete our objective it all starts with the first step. In life take that first step and stop over analyzing the “if’s” and ”but’s” to eliminate the self-sabotage. Keep in mind YOU probably have already consciously or unconsciously reached a comfort level to complete your objective when that day arrives – Just Do It and take the step.


As bad as things may be at the moment – keep in mind it will be washed away. Keep your chin up and look ahead to the brightness which awaits you.

“as green as one desires to see”

greener over the hill

Next time someone tells you the grass isn’t greener over the hill; ask yourself if it is worth listening to someone standing with you on this side. Chances are you are already wondering if it is greener because your existing pastures have dried out. So go ahead, get the hiking boots and get your answer!

“eyes of a childhood”

child eyes

Challenge yourself one weekend to see the world through the eyes of a child again. Just live for the moment and forget the past and don’t live for tomorrow, then reflect, do I live or exist.

“it’s not that one, but is that one”

not that but that

Why do we communicate with younger generations as if it is something new?

Hey…I have gone from birth..infant…toddler…child…adolescent…adult…we can stop here. Stages of human growth is not a new concept, we have all been there or will be there. It is another non-avoidable fact of life. Lets keep things in perspective an avoid US versus THEM type of thinking because it really comes down to WE.